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About Synergy Promotions

Synergy Promotions began in the year 1991. Kelly Bowman started her own trade shows with the focus on arts in Dallas, TX, right out of high school. Her purpose was to bring more artists, such as herself to the surface by allowing them to exhibit in an open arena. Kelly had been exhibiting her work at local shows for two years, then had a revelation. If she were to do a show, what would she change?  So that is when her research began. She attended shows weekly and developed a passion for the "Trade Show" business.

Kelly then met Bill Mitchell, Ohio's most legendary psychic and didn't even know what she was in for. Her intuitive abilities became more developed and Bill began to mentor her. She became well-known in the industry for her psychic work as well as the show she had built around her long-time mentor, Bill.

As Gift of Light began to grow, Kelly was struck with the tragic news that her long time mentor, Bill had suddenly passed away due to heart complications.  It was apparent to her that she must continue his work as well as the "Mind Body Spirit" experience that sewed them together.  She would continue to make Gift of Light not only the most positive experience in the industry, but to make it one of the most popular shows out there!

In 2010, after years of growth, she woke up with an epiphany. She heard the phrase, "Angels and Aliens" in her mind.  It was then she got the idea to fuse together paranormal and supernatural subject matter with UFO's and Alien materials.  Then came a whole new show discussing topics that seemed forbidden in the public eye, but the interest as well as the response was phenomenal.  People from all over travel to partake in  the Angels and Aliens conferences.

Now Gift of Light Expo and Angels and Aliens are the two main shows for Synergy Promotions. To this day Kelly attends trade shows weekly. She finds it exciting and informative. She also feels it is very rewarding for her to visit with other exhibitors that do her shows to get insight on their needs and wishes for future shows with her. She enjoys one on one time with her exhibitors, and sometimes helps them with their booth decor and more.

Keep us posted on anything we can change in our shows to make it a better experience for you!

Thank you!

Synergy Promotions